It’s Tomica time again, and we are still stuck in the 90s for this and one more car, before we move to more vintage Tomica. This is yet another model I bought new about 20 years ago. Today we see Tomica 55, the Toyota Crown Majesta, which was in the range from 1992-2000. This is another car that to me is kind of link between the old precise castings, and the new softer castings:

It’s pretty well done, overall. Scale claims to be 1:64, which may be a little smaller than reality, as the casting seems good sized - I don’t know about the real car. I am not sure why I chose this when new, I guess it maybe reminded me of a Lexus, and I like the white over silver/grey two toning, which was popular on early 90s MBs as well. I also like the pearly white paint. This model has a few bumper chips, as I remember letting a young relative play with it when it was new. It kind of adds realism, as Toyolex products in my area aren’t exactly immune to bumper damage:

This one received only a little superdetailing from me back in the day. I like the lens for the rear lights, a very nice tough:

It has an interior too, steering wheel maybe a little small:

I’d like headlight lenses too, but overall, everything here is good:

Decent undercarriage typical of the era, still Made in Japan:

The box survived, a little worse for wear, but complete:

Another one I am glad I kept, I kind of like this, for the pleasant colors and style of the model.

Here’s a real one: