I just picked up my first new 1:18 in ages. The Porsche 996 Carrera 4S by Maisto. My local TRU outlet was the provider.

Sorry for the iPotato pics, I should invest in a nice camera.
One of the most controversial 911s as being the “runny egg” headlight model and the first water cooled model, among other things.
The interior is well detailed for a model at this price point. The red seatbelt release buttons are a lovely touch.
Droopy runnies and front bumper are from the 996 Turbo model on this 996 C4S.
I have always thought that this was a strikingly gorgeous car, with the aggressive Turbo front and the clean looking spoilerless rear.
The frunk! These headlights might be some of my all time favs when it comes to the beloved Neunelfer.
Engine isn’t spectacular but certainly good for the price of admission.
Another amazing touch is the full working suspension, one of my favorite aspects of these 1:18s.
Detailed base gives you the full impression of a rear engined automobile. Horizontally-opposed six FTW!
The cases have changed since the nineties, and while a bit awkward it isn’t altogether unpleasant.
The box as it sits.
On a sidenote, I finished the Matchbox Best Of The World series with final car, the Dodge A-100!