Well here is the post I've been hinting at. I might be pushing some boundaries here but I got the idea the other night to start featuring other diecast items other then cars when I saw the post on toy motorcycles. Since I feel we are all pretty open to new things here I propose RxR Wednesdays, hauling it home to the weekend so to speak, unless there is any objection from the powers at be (I thought there was a train sub forum somewhere, but this has diecast merit IMO).

I got my start in models in general with scale trains in my pre-teen years, mainly 1:87 aka "HO" scale. With my recent renewed interest in diecast cars while digging through the garage for my old toys I came across my old collection of model trains from nearly 20 years ago. These weren't your cheap generic stuff, but highly detailed and accurate rolling stock, even at an early age I had an eye for details.

I'll get this show rolling with the best I have to offer from my locomotive selection. This is a 1:87 scale model by Bachmann of a 4-8-4 FEF-1 class steam locomotive painted in Union Pacific livery. These engines mainly saw use in the 40's as mixed service work horses. This particular model has a smoke generator built into the smoke stack by dropping oil down it with an eye dropper. This model is really detailed (and dirty, I apologize) but fails in some realism when it comes to the certain areas like the couplers for the tender to engine.


I know some of you out there have some model trains laying around, if so let's see them posted up on Wednesdays!