Actually, the term “Bososoku” originally refers to motor cycle gangs and their bikes. The cars in the Aoshima series are more “Grachan” style - which refers to the “Grand Championship” races in the 70s and 80s. The Bosozoku used to have big meetings on the parking lots of these events, hence the name. These cars should also match the same body shape as the cars running on the circuits, with big wide fenders like used on the Super Silhouette styling. So this style should be part of the Bosozoku Style.

The car we have here started life as a C330 Nissan Cedric - though it obviously has been heavily modified.

Part of the look is the extreme lowering, wide wheels (stanced!), fat fenders and spoilers so large that they defeat any aerodynamics.

The original inspiration came from the Group 5 and Silhouette touring cars -but the mods make no pretense of being functional in any shape or form. They have taken the look to the limits - part homage, part caricature. Here’s what a real car done in that style looks like:

Aoshima have perhaps wisely stayed away from the extreme exhausts - they would have been rather frail in this scale.

It’s a Japanese thing - love it, hate it - but you can’t ignore it when you see it.