This Huracán by Majorette is part of a six-car Lamborghini set. However, the difference between the Hot Wheels and Maisto versions and this Majorette is that while the former toy makers chose to replicate the stock model, Majorette has gone on to do this limited edition Italian Air Force livery, called the ‘Avio’. You can find out more in the link attached after the first three photos:

It even has an opening part, in this case an opening engine cover!

Now, to put it beside its Maisto counterpart and see the differences...

The Maisto version of the Huracán doesn’t have any opening features.
The Majorette is 1/64 scale while the Maisto doesn’t have the scale listed. It is obviously slightly larger than the Maj....
Similar detailing on the rear; painted tail lights and grille, and ‘Lamborghini’ decal printed on. This photo shows the difference in ride height between these two companies; Maisto has the low look spot on whereas Majorette have suspension features, so that’s why the car sits noticeably higher.
Both have terrible wheels. But between these two, I’d say the Majorette version is better. Maisto toy wheels are the WORST!
The little booklet that comes with the car; I’ve found 5 cars with the exception of the Aventador SV roadster; must be the one that’s most scalped...
The flip side of the booklet shows the artwork for the six Lambos. Pretty neat stuff!

Thanks for viewing!