I am not sure who or when someone came up with the idea that various shades of brown and beige would be the next fashion for cars. But someone did, and for some time during the 80s, it was simply the colour of choice for many.

An with so much Automotive 80s Nostalgia around these days, Hot Wheels have obliged the fans with a few cars in period correct 80s brown - with the pin striping to boot. Ah, yes, pin striping. That was a thing too. My first Toyota Corolla certainly had them!

Assembled here for your viewing pleasure are two multi-pack Datsun Utes - with a matching”Bigfoot” HiLux thrown in for good measure.

I’m kind of wondering if we have reached “peak” 80s Nostalgia with these releases - of if there are more brown Hot Wheels in our future?