From my photo archives, dated September 11th, 2012, some shots of a sunset-themed Hot Wheels Ford Bronco 4-Wheeler in the actual sunlight in a "wilderness" setting that looks much more "rugged" when blurred, disguising the fact that this is actually just a little bit of scrub off the parking lot of the Value Village thrift store on Clyde Avenue in Ottawa (Nepean), where I got this vintage 1981 Hot Wheels "blackwall" in a $2 or $3 toy car grab bag.

This is actually the first variation of the Larry Wood's Bronco 4-Wheeler casting, released from 1981 to 2003. I had this exact one as a kid; I believe the one I had was one of three cars included with a 1981 Hot Wheels handbook showing every Hot Wheels car made up to that point, although I know it was sold individually on blisters too. I have several different examples of this casting displaying various states of paint wear (and have found more since the following pictures were taken).

Light vs. heavy tampo wear.

The Ford Bronco 4-wheeler casting got sent off with a "Final Run" in 2003, although there is a similar current casting used only in premium lines, the '85 Ford Bronco 4x4, which only has two variations listed so far on the South Texas Diecast Hot Wheels guide, neither of which I have.