Hi guys, exams are finally over after two long months, and I’ll be posting more often from now on. I’ve already mentioned it to Jobjoris, but this was a post I’ve been wanting to make for a while. Schabak isn’t the most famous brand, I think they mainly make airplanes these days, but their models are absolutely fantastic. They are a German brand and interestingly enough they started out as a distributor of my favourite brand of vintage BMW’s, Schuco, and were taken over by Schuco in 1999. There are a lot in Germany, and being in the UK, they aren’t that expensive to import. Their 1:24’s are the best ones to get, and I’ve got the 850i and Z1 so far.

What made made me choose this brand? Well the main reason is all their 1:24’s have glass BMW emblems which are beautiful, and the lensing is amazing. The lights on the 850i are eight separate pieces of plastic that fit into place. The 850 badge is something I added afterwards.

The midnight blue paint is really beautiful in the way it reflects light and the wheels are faithful to the original.

The interior is really amazing. The car came with some goofy sticker representing the buttons across the dash and instruments. It was flaking off, but what was weird was that underneath, there was an immensely detailed dash, look at all those buttons, of which the 8er had many!

The M70 V12 is made out of metal, with plastic detailing around it

Oh yeah, did I mention it had pop up headlights? This is another reason to go for the 1:24, as the 1:43 doesn’t have this feature, but is weirdly more expensive than this.

Here we have the Z1 in my favourite colour combination. There is a Revell version in the same colour scheme, which my dad has, but after comparison, the Schabak is superior.

Everything opens on this car, including the boot, but I forgot to take a shot :/. A common problem with these is that the glue holding the badges leaks out over time, and if you try to remove it, it takes away some of the paint around the badge, which has happened on both of mine.

As you would expect, the doors slide down. It is the most amazing replication of the Z1’s doors I have seen. I wanted to see the mechanism used, so I took it apart, and all there was holding the doors is carefully placed metal and plastic, it is just friction, the doors move smoothly and stay in whatever position you put them in.

Another detailed interior

Again, the engine is metal, and so is the exhaust on the underside of the car.

Love the bonnet mechanism BMW used to use.

Anyway guys, that concludes this post, I hope you enjoyed it!