Today I officially broken my 21 years record of never broken a bone in my body. I was helping my mom reorganizing the house where I slipped and my left knee had a date with the metal staircase which ended up leaving me fracturing the upper part of my patella (a fancy way of saying kneecap). Luckily the fracture was relatively minor so I can still move about but it becomes excruciating everytime I standup, sit down, or pretty much anytime I need to bend my left knee at a sharp angle. The only good thing from all this is that I went to do a little HAWL that helped eased the pain.

First the 2 Skylines from Tomica, over a decade apart but still have the looks that mean business: The R30 Skyline 2000 RS, and the almighty Nismo R34 GTR Z-Tune.

I’ve been looking around for the Z-Tune for awhile now and finally found one on the day I was injured which to me was kind of funny, the R30 Skyline is the typical superior quality you expect from TLV, it’s got a roof antenna that you install yourself which I’ll deal with in the future.

The last one is a first for me but have heard about this brand before on here, it’s the Japanese toy /candy maker F-Toys’ representation of the Skyline R32 “Godzilla.”

The brand was mentioned a few times on LaLD and the reviews weren’t exactly positive, from what I remember many have said the qualities were poor from wheels don’t roll to the car’s hood broken the moment you open it. The negative reviews were implied to the Volume 1 and 2 cars and this is the newer Volume 3 which I went for it with an open mind. First impression, the wheels roll just fine therefore a good sign, the hood opens well to shown the beating heart that makes Godzilla… Godzilla.

One major flaw from the previous 2 volumes was the DIY door mirrors were a PITA to install since there were too many excess plastic on them to make it fit and thus some meticulous cutting and filing was required. For volume 3 they fixed that problem, I installed the door mirrors in a mere 3 minutes. The only tricky part was to get a grasp on them since the mirrors are so small; once you get that down, it fits without a fuss.

It’s awesome to finally add more Skylines into my collection and I’ll catch you guys later for the EDC announcement.