So I missed all of LaLD car week... :(

Sorry I’ve been pretty much gone for a while now. The good news is I have a 1:1 custom in the works that is taking up most of my time/money.

I saw there was a lot of great stuff posted this week and we have tons of new members!!! LaLD always on the up-and-up!


Anywho, for forgiveness for missing an epic week, have some pics of my crown jewel. Got up early to take advantage of the light from the sunrise.

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototype by AutoArt (1:18)

A little backstory on the 33 Stradale. It was developed in 1967 to be a road-going version of Alfa’s Tipo 33 racecars. The actual prototype lives in a gallery in Japan while some replicas (of which this is probably based on) are in Alfa’s museum. (Hence the Museo Storico on the license plate area)

The car was designed by Franco Scaglione, who had a rich history of designing Fiat-Abarths and Alfas already. Before designing this car, he had already been working for Bertone for many years and even designed the first Lamborghini - the 350 GTV .

The 33 Stradale’s 2.0L V8 was derived from the racecar engines but differed in many ways and was similar to the Montreal’s. Like many Italian cars, this had a very high-revving engine with redline at 10K rpm... wow. Peak horsepower for the standard version was 230 bhp whereas the race-tuned version put out 270 bhp. Just enough for a car that only weighed 1500 lbs.

It’s power figures allowed the Stradale to get to 60 in 5.5 seconds and continue to a top speed of 160mph. Pretty dang good for a car from the 60’s. It was the most expensive car in the world at the time, even being more expensive than the renowned Miura. With only 18 made, one hasn’t been sold in a very long time, so no one truly knows their price today. I’m thinking it may get close to Ferrari GTO prices if one ever goes on the block.

Now for more pictures:

As a bonus, here’s some glorious sound from the youtubes:

(Video is quite old...but you get the idea)