Recently I made a trade with Frosted for a couple of ‘80's Hot Wheels drag cars. He was nice enough to include a Jaguar XK8 since I told him I am a big fan of the English marque.

One of the cars in the trade was the Don “The Snake” Prudhomme Plymouth Arrow Army Funny car. As a kid I had the Human Torch version of this casting and it was one of my two favorites.

Having one of the Arrows again really made me realize that I want to collect one of every version of this casting. Not in hopes that they will suddenly appreciate greatly in value, but rather just to display them all together.


So far I have the aforementioned Army car, the Pepsi car, the light blue car with red and white tampos, the dark blue car (without the whitewall wheels), {Thanks to some recent eBay binges. Don’t tell the wife! Haha!} and the recent Target exclusive green car. Some of them are in “played with” condition which really doesn’t matter to me. I may try to take a couple apart and repair the bent axles though. All images are from Google seeing as I do not yet have them all.

Thanks again to Frosted!
A cheap eBay find, though not in this nice of condition.
Another eBay find. Two for the price of one, MOC!
Another eBay score for under $4.
I’ve got the Target exclusive!

I still need the Human Torch, the dark blur car with the whitewalls, and the white psychedelic flame car.

The want is strong!
Not sure if the wheels make it a special edition, or what.
Still in need of this psychedelic flame job.

Do any of you have any of these lying around that you’d be willing to let go for trade or sell outright? Also, have I missed any versions of this casting.


My all time favorite casting from my youth was the Hot Wheels Torino Stocker. I have a couple of examples that are in decent shape, and a couple of the more recent re releases, but there are a couple versions that demand an astronomical amount for a 1/64 scale car, mainly due to their obscurity.

There’s just something about the colors on ‘80's cars!

The Torinos will have to wait for now!