So, the other night, I was at Walmart, and I picked up a Ferrari 5-Pack.

It was the only one they had and the pack was a bit damaged, so I just ended up taking them out of the pack.

Then, tonight, I was at another Walmart, and picked up some real gems.

The 2013 version of the '92 BMW M3 (in silver, of course)

The '69 Chevelle X-Raycers, finishing off my set of all of the Chevrolet Chevelles in this year's set ('70 SS, '70 wagon, '67 SS, '64 SS, '69 SS)

Chevroletor, a totally unexpected find. Very awesome casting.

The 2013 version of Mad Manga. This means I have each year's versions of the casting, but there's still one alternate paint variation to find, an alternate of the 2012 version, I think.

Ryura LX, the awesome looking V12 powered luxury sedan. Probably one of the coolest HW original designs in a while.


As much as I liked the red version in the 2014 set, I like the stealthier look of this black one better. Kinda looks like a Yakuza car or Mafia car.