My super-rad wife was down with a short yard-sale jaunt today. I expressed interest in re-visiting the site of my unreal SuperTH laced HAWL site from last Saturday and she was cool with that. So, off we went.

First on my mind was to look for another Matte Black Mustang for MustangFan. Sadly, I couldn’t find a duplicate. But, I did find a short-card Mustang TH and a Red Mustang like the Matte one if you interested.

Howard, I was not able to find a Datsun 240z from 2011. Sorry dude. :(

R32Rennsport, I snagged another STH Fury for ya! and I do have an extra Triumph TR6 (green) for you as well.


Last week I kinda rushed through, because I didn’t want to make my wife wait around forever. This time I decided to unload the entire 40 gallon tote of cars and see what was kicking around at the bottom which I missed.

Price was still the same. $1 ea. carded... .50 cents for loose cars. Just crazy.

So, I snagged a few that I will probably flip on eBay to fund parts for my 1:1 Jeep project and a the occasional Tomica that catches my eye.


But, I definitely want to spread the love. So, leave a comment if you are interested in any of the cars and we can work out trades and what not. If you are interested in any of the cars from last week as well, please let me know. Just bear in mind that I do want to keep some of them for my collection.

So, onto HAWL part two...

MC Toys Baja Bug. This will be great for an ORAT photo shoot.
Badass Renault V6 Turbo... oh wait you can probably read that on the bonnet.
Good Ol pickup indeed.
Totally keeping the sauber. This one looks fantastic.
HW packin Pacer.
Couple of Challengers.
HW flip outs 200 sx. Awesome car.
Yeah. I couldnt resist. This is by far the most 90's diecast I have ever seen.
Corgi Morris Marina Coupe. This will get a full review soon. It’s fantastic.
couple of batmobiles. Looks like 2007 was the first year for the original bat cast?
metal Flake Merc.
MustangFan? Want this?
Not really my style for collecting. But I really like the tampos on this.
Really nice classics. My dad had a 67 charger.
Snagged this for the wheels really.
TESLA! Love the green paint on this.
The Chevelle has matte paint and looks awesome.
OMG cuda. *drool*
A second Fury. It was patiently waiting for R32Rennsport.
Couple of Hazard Style Supers with opening hoods. Pretty awesome.
Super cool Beetle cup car.
and more freakin STH Bone Shakers and Drift Kings. Anyone need these?
More Supers. Unreal.
This RatBomb caughy my eye. I really like the color and style of this.
Couple nice looking regular TH.
I love the GMC Motorhome and this TH paintjob is fantastic. Snagged a duplicate for anyone that needs it.
Couple of short card TH cars... I dont remember putting the blue one in the group of cars... So, I must have gotten carried away.

So yeah, craziness.

Edit: Oh my... I just looked up the STH chargers on eBay... lol