When I was 7 I traveled to Washington, D.C. It was my very first trip and my first time on an airplane (Continental, and they still gave you peanuts for a snack....also they had an ashtray in every armrest). My dad had an assignment there for a few days and my mom and I walked the Mall in 90+ degree heat and visited the Smithsonian Museums (Air & Space, Natural History, American History). In the American History museum my mother bought me a die-cast Greyhound Bus. It was probably 1:43 or even 1:24 in scale. It was one of my most treasured toys along with a plastic Diplodocus from the Natural History Museum. (Diplodocus being of course the best of all dinosaurs.) Both have since been lost. My trip was probably in 1986 or 1987.

Does anyone have a Greyhound bus they would be willing to part with? Possibly crazy....but maybe it is still for sale at the gift shop admin I know who lives in the area?