It’s Soviet Saturday again in formerly Communist Russia and what better time to celebrate than to show you a formerly Communist bus.

This is a Liaz 677M which was a Russian workhorse. Many of these busses can still be found on the road today.

Production started in 1967 and lasted until 1994. At the time it was a leader in its class having air suspension and automatic transmission. The bus was powered by a ZIL 7 liter V8 engine making 175 hp.

Since gas was cheap during the Socialist era nobody cared about fuel economy which is why this thing ate 60 liters per 100 km.

This is my favorite bus ever made.

I’ve been hunting for one of these models for a while since they are faily expensive. It is 1/43 scale diecast made by SSM. The doors do not open and it could use a little bit better detailing but overall it is very nice.

Next up I gotta find an Ikarus.