The rear doors will be altered, but it went together perfectly on the first attempt.

The roof seam needs a little finishing, and the back door looks too small. I think I’ll try to fill in the front part of the back door and then extend the bottom of it to the front door. The base is being held together by tape (for now). I want to make sure the body is done before I fit the base .

I seem to have extended it the distance of the seats. Which made the interior very easy.

Cut one in front of the seat+ cut the other right behind the seat= Perfect fit. :)

That back door looks way too small. I made some progress on a few other rides last week.

I don’t think I’ve shown the roof rack delete yet. Still a bit more sanding to go, but I dig the shape of the roof.

K3-PO got some taillights

He’s just trying them on.

The Stockified Integra is progressing.

Easter was yesterday. That silly wabbit brought me a couple new cars.

I love this truck. It’s wheels finish the Short Bus.

I’m not a fan of tooned cars, but the wheels are the perfect size. Good job Easter bunny. And finally

This is a really nice Mustang. Not sure what will happen to it, but I’d like to try a wide body...

Hope you enjoy your Monday.