Today I took my daughter to her first silver screen experience: the latest movie on il Puffi, the Smurfs. The Lost Village. Had a lot of fun doing so and I thought I’d take a small Italian diecast with me to shoot in front of the screen for Spaghetti Sunday. Epic fail. My phone couldn’t handle the backlight, whatever I tried.

I should have taken an extra source of light but then again I probably would have kicked out of the theatre if I did. One picture I did make I can’t keep from you. Gargamel. With hair.

But if you never saw the Smurfs (you should!) you won’t know what’s so great anyway. So what’s with the Lamborghini Silhouette I show here? It already made a cameo appearance in my post on the iHWEP with Shopteacher recently. I didn’t get it this awesome Minichamps from him but still: When I got that red Playart cast from him I was reminded of how much I loved the Silhouette and it didn’t really leave my living room. So it was nearby.

As Sunday almost is over I won’t share any on the history on this Projetto 118 from Sant’Agata Bolognese. It’s based on the Marcello Gandini designed Urraco but I’m sure I’ll tell more on it when I find more time to shoot and tell in the future. Ciao Tutti!