I finally found some time to pick up the work on my smallish Stratos Custom Progetto. I put some primer on it. And was quite dissatisfied. As you can understand the picture above isn’t my custom as it looks awesome, even the paint. “My” Stratos paintjob resulted in this:

It didn’t came out as smooth as I wanted (good visible on the last shot at it’s door) and the seams seem to be filled way too much. is there any way to prevent this filling of the seams? So back to the drawing board for that one. I did another customization though: I created an open garage door on my Abarth diorama.

This Stratos HF Stradale Bianco is a 1/43 from Minichamps. I’ve got a blu one as well but the paint on the white one is definitely better: the blue one seems to be too thick.

One thing that definitely disappointed me on these are the exhaust pipes though: No hollow tubing here?

Then there’s no point, to me, in recreating the badges as well, what were they thinking? It’s a 1/43, not a 1/64! I’ve got DeAgostini 1/43's not even half the price of these with better looking exhaust pipes...

And another complaint could be the fact the ventilation on the frunk is just embossed in the cast and painted over. Then again: It’s still no 50 euros model, not even close.

Still I just had to get these when I did. The Dino engine, it’s remarkable story and it’s wedged design all make it a piece of history that will fit in the collection of many of us.

There’s actually so many things to tell about the Stratos but I better save that for the post I’ll do when my progetto is ready.

Or I’ll accompany future updates with some facts, we’ll see.

So for now I’ll just put it back in storage and finish it up. Ciao Tutti!!!