I’m so glad Small Scale Sydney reminds us regularly there’s new epic stuff coming from Tomica. And when I order it I try to find some other stuff as well, better make good use of the shipping from Japan. Last time I ordered a few Choro-Q Zero pull-back cars aside. Tiny. And in this case Italian.

One of the most famous breadboxes alive, the Alfa Romeo Giulia. In the exact same color a friend of mine has a 1:1. So this one probably will go to him. Not before I try it out a bit though ;-)

Wait, what’s that thing on it’s back for? For holding coins to force impennatas. Wheelie time!!!

And whereas the big rear wheel-syndrom usually bugs me a bit at HWs, the entire cartoon-esque feel of the Choro-Q Zero can handle it. It’s just a caricature of the best Italian Sport Saloon you could get back then.

But this one might have just created a new list of wants for me. As Choro-Q Zeroes come in all kind of epic cars. Stratos. A110. R4 Fourgonette. All have been caricatured (is that a word?)!

But first we’ll have to see some action, don’t we?

So here we go. Three, two, one, ACTION!

Bon Week-End!