The Dino. Not a Ferrari. We probably all know this one wasn’t officially sold as a car from il Commendatore. And that Ferrari and FIAT were supposed to create the Dino sub-brand (as a tribute to the late son of Enzo) together and that FIAT backed out and put their own badges on it. But there’s a reason I’m showing it anyway.

Yep. As a late tribute to the late Roger Moore. As this one was used in his epic series of The Persuaders! in the early seventies. I agree, not by Roger Moore but by his opponent Tony Curtis but it’s Spaghetti Sunday. And I don’t have Brett Sinclair’s (Moore) DBS anyway. If you’ve never seen it: It’s about two playboy millionaires join forces to fight crime and drive around in their Aston Martin/Dino. Lovely locations. Outdated, totally, but I still watch a re-run if I run into one.

Maybe it’s even fair to say this Dino 246GT has been the Roger Moore of Ferraris as well, as to many Roger wasn’t the real Bond. As that has been, for quite a long time, Sean Connery. But he played the part pretty long and eventually got his own following of admirers. I can say to me he’s still the James Bond but that has mostly to do with the fact he was the Bond I grew up with.

So I wonder if this late recognition will come for some little German car in the future as well. Mid-engined. Powerful but not the most powerful in the company’s line up. Promising critiques from the automotive press. But still: it’s not a 911.

I’m talking about the Boxster/Cayman obviously. And that’s a reference to another automotive event I’m going to in a minute: the PUUR Porsche treffen. So it will turn out to be a Stuttgart Sunday eventually.

And that’s the end of it for today. The model is a Bang in 1/43 I actually have to thank TFritch for (as I got it from a seller I was actually turmoiling to get stuff for/to him) and I’m glad I got it: It’s awesome. Ciao Tutti!