Bialbero is a well known name in the Italian automotive world. Alfa had a Bialbero engine and FIAT had one as well. It comes from Bi Albero, or “two shafts”. Camshafts that is.

The FIAT Bialbero though was a larger engine (from 1300cc and upwards) than this Abarth 1000 Bialbero had and it was introduced later as well: 5 years after Abarth came with this little gem.

So what is this 1000cc engine? It’s a reworked engine from FIAT’s little 600. Increasing displacement, increasing compression, adding two overhead camshafts (instead of the single pushrod) and adding a twin Weber got it’s power to nearly 100hp. And a top-speed of over 200 km/h.

I’m not sure if it’s body was done by Zagato. There’s no double bubble roof, nor is there a “Z” badge somewhere on it’s side. But these were known as the 1961 FIAT-Abarth 1000 Bialbero Zagato so... And there was a Monomille as well, without the DOHC head. As a lower-priced, less complicated alternative for the Bialbero.

It’s another “magazine models” cast, one of which I just can’t get enough. And I’m not the only one, both Small Scale Sydney and Superstarksa seem to agree. This one comes with flaws though: paint behind the rear window seems to be erroneous and the exhaust are just two stumps. But the air slots on the rear engine cover have gotten paint treatment that give it a great realistic feel to it.

I’m not a fan of the metallic paint, it really has metal flakes way too big. And it should be Rosso Corsa in the first place!

So and that’s it for today! Enjoy the weekend and show some more Italian stuff today. I see SimplifyThenAddLightness already paved the way, awesome!

Ciao Tutti!!!