Another lovely old Lancia today, this one a late Series 1 Aurelia sedan (berlina), known as the B21.

This car placed first in class and 19th overall at the Mille Miglia in 1952 in the hands of Umberto Maglioli (who would make his F1 debut the following year) and codriver Luciano Monteferrario.

Equipped with the world’s first production V6 (2.0L and probably twin carbureted here) and a transaxle in back with inboard brakes, these were very advanced for their day, though underpowered by American standards. They were very competitive in European competition, particularly in B20 coupe form, as we’ll see next weekend (probably).

The model is in 1/43, and was part of a Hachette blister-pack magazine series of Mille Miglia cars. It’s much nicer than the Appia I showed last week, and I’m a sucker for this color, Blu Lancia. Hope everyone had a good weekend!