It’s taken long enough, but finally I have a Delta! Named for the spiffy triangle symbol denoting the number four in Greek, this is really best seen as Italy’s Quattro... Except for the transverse engine bit. And build quality. And noise. But it’s a legend in its own right, arguably the last true Lancia, before FIAT fully assimilated them into mediocrity.  This Integrate won the Rally San Remo in 1989, piloted by Italians Miki Biasion and Tiziero Siviano. This Delta, of course, is more closely related to its road car brethren than its insane Group B predecessor, following the cancellation of that madness in 1986. The model is in 1/43 by IXO/Altaya, and as such has a few nits to pick but is quite nice for the money. It does bug me that the roll cage doesn’t come forward of the B-pillars, for example, but by and large it’s decent. I hope to add more rally Deltas to the collection over time, but i figure this isn’t a bad start. Enjoy!

Make what you will of this one, i was playing with rotation angles
I found it hard to get any definition on the rear wheels in some shots, the extractor turbines on the fronts knock down the contrast a bit
Interior is actually very good except for the inexplicable half cage