My mild custom Matchbox Premiere that was from a recent HWEP with androo. In my opinion HW has never got the Ferrari F40 casting right, MB has done better but has never had the right wheel style. Unfortunately the older MB cast is 1:59 scale making wheel swaps very difficult.

Even being a Premiere edition I still wanted to have some fun with it. I tried everything in my wheel swap bin but every set of wheels I tried were either too small or too big. So I just decided to wipe off the tire lettering and paint the center spokes gold. I then stanced it and cut off the nubs behind each wheel to get them to sit inside the fenders. Next I added the black belt line around the car and wiped off the two ridiculous Ferrari decals on each door. That’s all I did, the interior detailing is factory. The casting is very sloppy but it still shows decently.