As a follow up to everyone else’s Sunday-related posts, I present this post here, dedicated to my favorite series of all time: Speed Machines!!!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, so I finally got down to business, locating and grabbing each Speed Machine from my shelves, dusting them off, and snapping some photos. As I’ve iterated in the past, I love the added details that Hot Wheels has put on these cars, and the co-mold wheels are perfect for these types of cars. Can you imagine what gems we would have if HW decided to revive this series using its current arsenal of modern sports cars and supercars?


I had just started seriously collecting diecast not long before the Speed Machines series was introduced. I purchased each of these at retail price, which varied depending on the store. I think Target had them at around $2.25, Walmart $2.50, and Toys’R’Us $2.99. Some of these were found internationally, and the retail prices in other countries are double. Because of that, I passed on a number of the later releases because I thought they were too expensive at that time. This includes cars such as the Murcielago SV, orange McLaren F1, blue Reventon roadster, etc, including the variations with the OH5 wheels. Suffice to say, I regret not picking them up, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Through this post, I’m going to show one picture of each of the Speed Machines I’ve got, and write some commentary as I go along. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Warning: Picture Heavy and long post. Please bear with me!

First of all, let me say that I love the Ferrari Enzo. Or the Enzo Ferrari, as it’s formally called. I think it’s one of Ferrari’s best designs ever, and it’s the first car I can truly say was my favorite. Everyone talks about how they had McLaren F1 or Countach posters on their walls as a kid. If I were into posters, the Enzo would’ve been mine. In fact, I started collecting because I stumbled upon a black HW Enzo with gold OH5 wheels while at a Ralphs grocery store, so the Enzo means a lot to me.


The blue example above may be the best attempt by Hot Wheels at detailing a car. It is absolutely complete. Every single vent and air duct on this car (and there are a lot of them) is blacked out. The area near the windows are blacked out. All the proper logos and badges are there. Headlights, taillights, exhaust, foglights, turn signal indicators. Everything is there. It really doesn’t get any better than that. Plus, the blue is absolutely striking in person. Definitely my favorite Speed Machines by far. I can’t say the same about the red one below, as it doesn’t have those details.

And here we have it’s younger brother F50. The casting is a bit too small, and the ride height is awkward especially in the front, so I took a shot of the rear. Which, actually, is the best part of the F50.

A lot of people say the 599XX is the best Speed Machines. It debuted in this line and it definitely is a nice casting. The red one has the “signature” livery of the 599XX. I’m not sure what the yellow and black ones below are based off of. I don’t have the ZAMAC.

The 599 GTB Fiorano is my 2nd favorite Ferrari behind the Enzo. It’s a simple and elegant design. After this “era”, Ferrari designs just went weird. I’m not a fan of the 458, or FF, or California, or F12. The two tone color combination above is pretty sweet, and it’s got all the appropriate details, including blacked out vents.

The HW casting of the 599 GTB is not the best, and it shows in the picture above. The ride height is off and the large rear wheels don’t help its case.

The 612 Scaglietti is a severely underrated car but also one of the best modern Ferrari’s in terms of design. This yellow example is quite the looker. The only downside on mine is the thin paint on the right side of the car, which you can see pretty clearly in the photo above. I wish I picked up the gray Ferrari Racers release of the 612.

At first glance, this Ferrari 550 doesn’t look that great. I don’t know why they blacked out the bottom areas of the car because it distorts the image and makes the ride height look bad. In person, however, it’s a great looking piece of diecast. The silver paint is incredibly sparkly, and I love gold wheels, period. Below is the 575 GTC race car, which is metal body and metal base.

I’m just gonna show pictures of the rest of the Ferrari’s as I don’t have much to say about them.

Ok, that’s all the Ferrari’s I’ve got. On to the next...

I’m a big fan of the R35 GT-R, and you can guess that based on my avatar. This one is dubbed by HW as the GT-R SpecV, though it has none of the exterior bits from the SpecV except for badging and the carbon fiber spoiler. Pretty weak attempt by Hot Wheels, in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with leaving it as a normal GT-R.

This Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia is well executed, and the livery is top notch. A great complement to the Matchbox 60th release of the same car.

I’ve shown the McLaren F1 GTR before for LaLD Car Week. You can’t go wrong with either of these. Great choice of designs and liveries by HW.

The ridiculously expensive Bugatti Veyron that I’ve also shown before.

This Saleen S7’s biggest flaw is that the rear axles are too short, so the wheels do not sit flush with the side of the car. I had to pull the wheel out for this picture to make it look right. Also, this would’ve been a nice place for HW to black out all of those vents/ducts/gills on the sides.

Carrera GT. ‘Nuff said. Great detailing near the exhaust. There are some small printed details here that you might not notice on first glance, such as the door handles, front fenders, and that area just before the rear wheels (not sure how to describe it).

The HW 996 GT3 casting just doesn’t look right from the side.

A lot of people dislike the HW Cayman, but I think it’s a very good casting, albeit a bit too small. This one is the Porsche Design Edition, and if you look closely enough you can see those words printed on the doors right where those stripes are. I love that little added detail, and it really makes this Cayman stand out.

Absolute worst Speed Machines ever. The R8 has bad proportions, and the body is plastic (base is metal). Not sure why it commands the high prices that it does. I guess people like paying top dollar for bad castings like this and the Veyron.

The TTRS is a great casting that needs to be utilized more. The proportions are spot-on from what I can tell, and it looks good enough to be a Matchbox. Only appeared in this series and has a recolor in blue.

Ahhh yes, the Evo X. Also commanding top dollar these days, about as much as the Veyron. It’s a great livery that is only brought down by the inaccurate front end.

Another poor casting. The red recolor of this was much nicer, though I never picked it up. Nonetheless, the current HW NSX is what you really want anyways.

The XJ220 is an old casting, and it shows. There’s not a lot of detail and the body lines are not as sharp. But it looks great in BRG here with the big Jaguar emblem on the side.

I’m no Volkswagen fan, but this is definitely one of the better releases in the Speed Machines line. I love the blue wheels contrasting with the yellow paint on this Scirocco and the racing decals truly make it look like it belongs on the track.

However, if you’re looking for a true Hot Wheels race car, here it is. The Corvette C6R with a gazillion decals printed all over its body. Every corner of the car is covered with something, and each decal is incredibly sharp. Many people would also say this is the best Speed Machine.

The Ford GT LM in a combination of turquoise and lime green. Great color combo on a great casting.

And its brother, the GT40 Concept. This particular casting I’m not too excited about because the proportions are weird. The front wheels are actually the large wheels and the rear wheels...well...even larger.

Shelby GT500 in an appropriate color scheme. I appreciate the attempt by Hot Wheels to print the snake logo onto the grille but it didn’t come out very well. But I don’t blame them as it’s pretty hard to print onto a rough surface.

Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept. This is ZAMAC, or at least it looks like it, and is made to mimic the chrome version of the real thing. It’s not quite shiny enough, but I like it anyways.

And finally, my last one. Nothing really stands out on this Dodge Viper, and it doesn’t have its taillights printed. Also, it suffers the issue of the rear axle not being wide enough, so I had to pull it outward for the photo.

So there ya go! I’m quite happy with these, although I wish I had picked up every recolor. I hope you guys enjoyed this (long) post, and thanks for looking!