The story so far: I’ve done a basic sorting into a few categories, which will be whittled down further into smaller boxes and I’ll post some photos in the categories that seems most appropriate. In the meantime, here’s some highlights...director’s cut, w/commentary:

Two of the absolutely most mint-like Summers I’ve ever found, the Porsche 935/78 Whale Tail (I know you’ll correct me if that’s incorrect, thanks in advance...), the Summer Lancia Stratos (I’m pretty sure...), and a couple of unknown brand cars, Toyota Mr Two, and a Porsche. I also have a Mini Cooper by this company, so I’ll find the name and update.

OK, what are these? They’re from HWs, they switch from not-wrecked to wrecked. I have one more that I couldn’t find for this quick shoot, it’s a late 30s Chevy or Ford sedan that falls apart like the rest of them.

The guy I got these from tried playing them off as old Lesneys, but the size threw me a little, I think these are smaller than the real deal. They both say Japan on the bottom. The truck on the right used to be red, but has been repainted in the same/close yellow color as my *actual* Lesney Bedford Compressor truck. I wish he had the fake trailer for the fake green one...

Impy Lonestar Super Cars Roadmaster Ford Corsair. This one has an issue with the hinge pins in the trunk. One has come free of the little pinch point that used to hold it. Off brand Fire Dept Van. so many sellers had one of these I was beginning to think they were handed out at the gate. Off brand (I’m working on it) Jaguar XKE Hardtop, very shiny and minty. I picked up a green one in just as good of condition, if not better, but it’s in one of the boxes and I’ll find it tomorrow. I actually bought one of those flat little craptacular cars, because it’s so obviously a Mercedes 300SL Gull Wing dealy, and in minty condition too.

This is a Matchbox Specials Lancia Rally, 1:40 in stature, and must have been a favorite car for someone, it’s been played with really earnestly. It’s about 4.5" in length, so I was fully expecting it to be a King Size. I’ve never heard of Matchbox Specials before.

PeuDeaux, for French Friday one day soon, to be joined by other fries.

Is this an unusual color for a P-911?

Did Hot Wheels ever get into slot cars in any form. I’ve never seen these types of HWs before, they have some type of pickups on the base, it would seem. What are these?

Five Tomica...

No. F44, Chevrolet truck in very good condition, I just have to coax that price tag off the hood. No. 78, Honda NSX (w/some black marker embellishment by a previous owner), No. 71 SHIDEN 77 BMW, No. F59, Ferrari 312 T3, and last but not least, another Toyota Dome Celica Turbo, No. 35.

Back to the obscure/not so obscure; an almost Perfect Summer Zakspeed Ford Capri, an unknown Mazda RX-7 (working on it, I saw it on Swifty’s garage the other day...), A really unknown Lancia Stratos. One of the Swifty’s members put up a photo of this same model and it hasn’t been identified yet. No spoiler at the rear, no louvered back window-just opaque black all around. It’s a halfway well done copy of something (IMHO), the body is nicely done, but the base was carved out of plastic w/no detail. And, finally, my favorite new brand, at least today, a Kenner “Sporty Shifter” Porsche that appears to be a 935 Kremer K3!

Finally (and, try to ignore the discrepancy in scale...), a Matchbox Kenworth Cabover Racing Transporter, transporting an immaculate Zee Chevy Ambulance, with intact rear door.
That’s it until I get more sorting out done. I hope everyone here has a Happy & Safe Memorial Day!