Read everything first please.

Ok, here we go. Some of you brought it to my attention that the LaLD Marketplace over on Facebook is a closed group so here is everything I’m putting up for sale(preferred) or trade. I’d like at least face value for everything that is carded with a tad more for the older stuff, plus shipping if we aren’t trading. Loose stuff I’ll go with half face value.


Please email me directly at skraft83 at gmail dot com as I’d like to conduct as much business as possible off site. Please include your LaLD handle, shipping address and potential list of cars to cut down on email exchanges.

A few of the carded items have been sold already but everyone here has first crack at the loose stuff. I’d like a 5 car minimum if possible and I’ll cut smoking deals on 20+ cars. Sorry for picture quality, if you want clarification just ask. All loose cars come in varying degrees of condition from almost new to found in sand box haha.

PS... A few of you have priority since we have pending sales/trades.

Sold: Fairlady Z, R34
Sold: Miata, Cayman, blue card Skyline, one GT40, F Type,
Sold: Woodie, Bus, R32, Cuda
Sold: 911
Sold: one Supra, MR2, Modena, Enzo, Countach, Cadillac
Sold: Both Civics, one 575 GTC, GSX
Sold: Exotic, Maserati, C6 Corvette, Murcielago, 550 Maranello, American Corvette
Sold: Both 911 Final Runs, 996 911 Cup, Diablo, Olds Aurora
Sold: Both Espirit, CLK GTR, Countach, Viper GTSR, Saleen,911 GT1, Red Corvette, Z3
Sold: Mercedes 280, Cadillac LMP, Chapparal, GT40, Z3, Modena, Testarossa, Cobra, 333SP, Thunderstruck
These are all I have left from my childhood, will take offers but don’t be surprised if I can’t part with them. Sold: Escort
Sold: Indy car, Woodie
Sold: 333SP, 156 Sharknose
Sold: E30 convertible, Mercedes DTM
Sold: three Outlaws, MB 911 Turbo, 917