I don’t collect this type of stuff (I’m actually a Star Trek fan) but I recently saw Rogue One and liked it.......AND the 99 Cents Only Stores has a bunch for only a dollar each. That’s 75% off. Aren’t these things $3.99 or something like that? They had 18 different character cars. I know there are more cars in the series but these were the only cars I saw. I bought a set for myself and one for my son. I also bought extra K-2SO car haulers to mod because they are cool and they are very heavy.....feels expensive.


I also saw Tron diecast vehicles. They’re pretty cheap looking though.

Also......Lego pegwarmers. $1 for a minifig plus building blocks......I feel so spoiled. I love the 99 Cents Only Store! Always new surprises at great prices.


Found some on sale at a grocery store. Cool!