The Studebaker Lark Wagonaire, also simply known as the Studebaker Wagonaire, is infamous as one of the largest sales flops of all time, with only 940 sold during its 4-year lifetime, or about 235 a year.

With the decent amount of money they sunk into this then-revolutionary design and the financial situation they were in at the time, Studebaker couldn’t recover, and the Wagonaire’s failure was a minor contributing factor in the demise of the venerable automaker.

This example was manufactured by Matchbox under Lesney ownership at some point from 1965 to 1968.

This has been a grail piece for me for quite some time, as it ticks most of my boxes for good diecasts (quirky, dead automaker, etc).

With and without open bed.

Base detail.

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