Received a nice HWEP from Plasticprints as I was unable to find some things in my area. This prompted a photoshoot with many Porsches...

First item in the package was the 934.5

I’m hoping with this car, Hot Wheels will give us a more standard 935 like they did with the corgi casting they used for a short time:

That being said, Plasticprints included a sweet 934 RSR custom I’m guessing done with the dye method? I’ll let you pick it out with the rest of its brethren.

Of course the main thing I was looking for that Plasticprints provided was the wonderful 962...

And with some other LeMans buddies:

This 935/78 looks pretty good in the MOMO livery btw, I didn’t really like it seeing it in pictures, but it’s really grown on me.

Another Porsche I found recently...

Probably my favorite porsche casting and it’s in Zamac?!

With its other friends (still missing a couple...)

Finally the rest of the stuff from Plasticprints (short card!!!):

Now for some trade bait. I’d really like to get my hands on the Euro-style 993 GT2 if anyone has one extra (loose if fine obviously).

Thanks to plasticprints!

Been a good summer so far for nice Porsche castings...