Classic 911's are a hot commodity here. Many of you either own or want to own those UT 911 models of old, but they may be hard to track down and pricey when you’ve finally found the perfect one, not to mention other things such as quality issues and two-decade-old levels of detail. Allow me to present an alternative: this 911 GT, produced by GT Spirit.

It’s shown here in the Euro-exclusive (CK/Modellissimo/Little Bolide) colorway, a silvery blue color that obviously is very, very pretty. The standard colorway is a very dark blue that has received its share of criticism for being too close to black and not blue enough. Pick your poison, but I think this one here is a better color, plus it’s limited to 504 pieces, plus these exclusives run about $10 cheaper than the normal releases. Win-win-win.