Kyosho’s recently-released Subaru Impreza WRX STi S207, from their Samurai series.

It was only about a year ago that they released their first STi, the WR Blue and stock version of this same generation model. I have no idea where those went because they are NOWHERE to be found, and if you come across one on eBay, they’re like $300 and above. Ridiculous. You would’ve thought the release got cancelled or something.

But it’s back, just more riced out than before. When I found out Kyosho was going to release this one, I couldn’t be more excited, as a fan of the STi and pocket rockets in general. And I had a feeling I would have to snatch one of these puppies as soon as possible.

So here it is.

Kyosho is the only maker of the current-gen STi, so this is the only option at this scale. It’s a rather pricey one at that. This one cost me $170 before shipping and it’s a resin model with solid upper front grill. The Samurai line as a whole seems to be a bit overpriced, plus it’s as if all the sellers/retailers are located in Asia, so you have to tack on another $30-40 for shipping on these suckers. Nonetheless, the model itself is actually pretty good. I like to compare these resin models to the stuff from Otto/GT Spirit because I believe they are the gold standard in this department, and this one stacks up well if you disregard the price. The details are all there and there isn’t any obvious hint of cheapness aside from the grille as mentioned.

This one is available in two colors, this orangey yellow as well as black, both with black wheels. They’re limited to 600 pieces each, which probably explains why the blue ones disappeared so quickly.

Would I go back for more of Kyosho’s Samurai line? Most likely. They make some unique models not found elsewhere, and a few that I’m actually very interested in, namely the Lexus RC-F and RX F-Sport. But like I said, the price tag is pretty hard to swallow, so we shall see...

In the meantime, more photos!

But wait! There’s another Subie that should be headed your way tomorrow...