The original monster truck, Bigfoot. I made this from an old Hot Wheels Bigfoot Champions toy I’ve had (and used, and abused) and some Monster Jam wheels and tires. To go along with my Grave Digger #2, I made it in the style of Bigfoot #4 from 1990. From 1988 to 1990, there was the TNT points championship where all the top trucks were competing for points towards a season championship and a decent monetary prize. It’s the closest monster trucks have ever come to a legitimate racing series. The Bigfoot team took most of 1989 off to develop Bigfoot #8. Now at the time, most trucks were based, albeit loosely, off of production pickup trucks. Bigfoot #8 was a clean sheet design, closer to the super sized tube frame dune buggies with fiberglass bodies we have today. This was a huge disadvantage to everyone else, so #8 was banned outright so everybody could catch up. In order to prove a point, Team Bigfoot revamped and brought back Bigfoot #4 which was at that time one of, if not the oldest truck on the tour. How did it do? Well, watch this (fast forward to 4:25):

In the right hands, it was a beast, laying waste to all. I wanted to try and replicate it and also try my hand at making water slide decals. I need a better printer, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Might add the carbs through the hood, might not.

With Grave Digger 2
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