The diecast Gods smile upon me.

This is my hawl this week. A few from brick and mortars stores, ebay.....and a ton from the flea market I went to today. This isn’t counting all the brand new releases I got from Wal-Mart 2 or 3 days ago.

Anyway, two weeks ago I went to the flea market and brought the wife along. It was also hot so I couldn’t really hunt. Today, I went alone and it was cloudy. And boy I struck gold. All my cars were either $1 or 50 cents each. I found TWO bugatti veyrons and they were only 50 cents each. This particular vendor I found had maybe thousands of car thrown into buckets and Plano cases and hot wheels cases.


The loose cars and carded yellow Vehicross and Escort Cosworth on the left hand side are all from my flea market HAWL from today. I have more from this week’s HAWL but they’re already in storage and I forgot to take them out for the photoshoot.4

These on the right side are my store and ebay HAWL I got in yesterday. I am still awaiting for some to be delivered that I bought a few days ago.

16 Muscle Machines!

Micro Machines!!! Yellow RX-7. Silver 3000GT. Black NSX. Unfortunately no Supra or 300ZX

I can’t believe I got these for 50 cents each!!!!!!!!

All these Muscle Machines were only a $1 each but why are most of them missing wings? =( I guess they came as kits and whoever used to own them never installed the wings.

Does anyone know the maker of this blue Skyline?

Finally found a Rav4 that’s more to scale with my Hot Wheels. I currently have a Maisto Rav4 that is 1:50 and it bugs me. Gotta sell it and get my money back.

Here’s a closer up of some of the ebay HAWLs. Can you tell I like old school imports?

So why is it a bitter experience you may ask? Well.....I spent too much money on a gold 350Z on ebay. I have almost all the 350Z variations. If I had waited til today, I would have gotten it for 50 cents only. It still hasn’t arrived yet...but now I have two.

Also, what made it even more bitter is that there were tons of really good cars but their conditions were bad after having spent most of their lives in large bins and being rummaged through. Ugh.... what a shame. I know there were most likely a lot of valuable cars and very nice highly desirable muscle and american cars that I passed up. My focus is on import cars so I’m not too much of an expert on other cars. I probably went through thousands of cars while hunting today.


I still have more HAWLs from eBay that I got this week, but I already stored them away and am too lazy at the moment to take them out again.