Carrera GT, the untamed beast that can definitely bite you back if you don’t respect it, or maybe even if you do treat it with respect. No one knows how late Roger Rodas treated the car though. Sad that the Carrera GT became (in)famous with that sort of an incident. Regardless, it is a pretty insane automotive masterpiece.

How about the replication by Kyosho?

Let the photos do the needful.

I was kind of regretful for leaving behind the HW Carrera GT, for it could have helped me build up my Porsche lineup. I was not a fan of the massive rear wheel and that is why I left it back.


Then I accidentally bumped onto this Kyosho. The colour would not be my first choice, but for the price it was definitely a no - brainer.

Practically everything about this model is pure Kyosho - exceptional details with excellent finish, a proper replica by all means. That is not to say this model is perfect though. There are some paint accumulations here and there, but nothing to blunt the appeal of the model.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!