Hot pink and a porky SUV to brighten up your Sunday morning. Or, as BMW likes to call it, a Sports Activity Vehicle.

(The black STi will not, in fact, be featured today as originally intended. Something shockingly came up and I would like to “save” it for a future photoshoot.)

This is Kyosho’s model of the first-gen BMW X6M. It’s the first SUV in my 1/18 collection and one that I’ve grown to like over the years. While it was a controversial design upon release, I think the original X6 has aged rather well. I like the beefy, muscular look. I mean, I’m a R35 GT-R fan, so I have no right to be fat-shaming these cars. The current one (*hint hint* check my IG) looks kind of weird, but we’ll get to that next time. 


At one point, the X6M was also the fastest production SUV in the world, before being taken over by (I believe) the Cayenne Turbo and SRT Jeep Cherokee. It can definitely go despite what it may look like.

The model itself is ho-hum for the most part. I think the wheels are captured very nicely, but the tires are too thick in comparison. The front wheels have that camber issue that I loathe. Overall fit and finish isn’t exactly the best, with rough edges here and there. The Alpine White paint job doesn’t help with hiding these flaws. This is a pretty old model, back from the days when Kyosho was the primary manufacturer of BMW’s dealer models. However, as I got this one for just $75 before shipping, it’s a fair deal and certainly a piece that I will keep in my collection for the long haul.