In the late 1980's to early 1990's there seemed to be a huge market for midsize executive European saloons. If you wanted one, you could have just about any flavor from Renault to Jaguar, Vauxhall to Alfa Romeo, Ford to BMW, and anything in between. Of course, many countries were represented in this line-up with Britain’s Rover 800, Italy’s Lancia Thema, France’s Citroen XM, and Germany’s E-Class Benz each representing its respective nationality. Sweden too was intent on joining the fun and to do this, Volvo slotted a big engine into their family saloon while Saab went and fooled around with the Italians. This resulted in a sturdy but dull car in the former and a fast and unreliable one in the latter, but the 760 and 9000 are still well-respected executive classics today.

Here, we see Siku’s 1:55 interpretation of these two Swedish classics.

Of course, Matchbox’s venerable Macau-cast Swedes are present as well!

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