DODGE Camper in Bavaria

The first sunny days of spring finally arrived in Bavaria and my wife decided to go to the lake near our hometown to take some pictures. So I joined her and i took some photos as well. Of course, i had a nice diecast in my pocket ;-) And this is the picture i like the most. Its a DODGE Camper from Greenlight…


TRU Smawl Hawl

Stopped by TRU on the way home from work and found few goodies. I don’t watch Supernatural, but I like these castings. The toolbox in the back of the truck is a nice touch. There’s some Supernatural text on the trailer, but I think these castings are pretty generic otherwise.

Foxbody Friday

Hunting paid off once again, as I found this little gem a couple days ago. As a bonus, it came defect-free. OK, there are some minor paint issues (more evident in photos than in person), but I give zero fox about it. This is my first example of this-generation Mustang by GL, and it happens to be in my home state’s CHP…


As a fan of the famous TV-series “Breaking Bad” I already collect the Greenlight-diecasts from the GL-Hollywood-series. By chance i found this cool edition of the “Crystal ship”and i ordered it immediately. I dont want to withold it longer from you.... Keep on cookin` ;-)