Two New Hauls

I picked up a GL Ram + car carrier the other day, because it’s awesome. Then this Saturday I met up with my great aunt, who gave me a JL ‘81 Jeep Wagoneer. Funny story, she bought it for me last February, in 2016! She’s held onto it this entire time. Still, both are fantastic castings and I would highly recommend…

Bday Gift

My birthday is on St. Patrick’s day, so my mom went above and beyond and bought me the entire HWs Clover Car set from 2008! I’m not even a huge HWs fan, but these are just too cool! It’s the first time that I didn’t want to open them, instead I decided to put them on display, :).


HAWL- WL Edition!

Soooo I broke down and paid market price ($30-40) for this new White Lightning Ford GT. It’s a decent release, but ordinarily I wouldn’t spend this much on a chase piece unless I really liked it. I had to make an exception for this one though. You see, WLs are typically 2% of a production run. That makes this one…