Fangs Friday

Here’s a brief post about my namesake. This is my collection of Matchbox Premiere Dodge Viper RT/10s and GTSs. The gunmetal gray RT/10 is a European-only model, and the black & silver RT/10 was only released individually in Australia and in very small numbers in a multi-pack in the U.S. It took several years to find…

Walmart HAWL

After seeing other folks post about the F&F cars showing up at their Walmart, I stopped in this morning to take a look. They had moved the dump bin to a weird location off the main isle, so that may be why it was still packed to the gills with F&F cars. There were plenty of each – including the Skyline. I picked up a…


Cars are not blobs

These are several cars that I’ve put pen and paintbrush to. Most if them, recently, some have been hanging around awhile. There are still a few not included here that I will post at a later time. Anyway, since I had several days to be bored, I started noticing that most of my Hot Wheels and Matchbox were just not…


This one had been eluding me for a while. It’s a cool casting, I have a truck and a coupe with the same front end in my collection, time for a family shot methinks. The color is really nice on this one. Somehow it feels like a casting Matchbox would have done in the 70's or 80's