...where the grass ain’t green and the girls ain’t pretty..

I don’t really like post-apocalyptic-themed movies. Even hate some. Be it zombie, post-nuclear war wasteland, or anything inbetween. Because the story almost always ends up the same. Although I love Mad Max: Fury Road, because it’s basically a long-running demolition derby. But there is one thing I like about those films. Badass cars. So here are some post-apocalyptic-themed customs I’ve built.

In the wasteland, it is imperative to have a backup vehicle. Preferably a dirt bike.
Don’t get overheated. Especially when water is scarce. To keep your big-block Hemi cool, loose the hood.It might help a little.

Okay, big V8s maybe not the best choice in a world where there’s not much oil left. But if you’re gonna wander the wasteland,do it in style. Ow yeahhh!