My stores have been dry for 2 weeks now. They keep filling bins at the ends of the aisle with old crap and the pegs remain empty. Went to target today on impulse as I was in the area and I am so glad I did. No L or K case stuff but I finally got the 2000 GT-X that I've been wanting. Here's the haul:

I like the Super Van and have been wanting one in that livery for a while but I dunno if I like it enough. Anything is tradeable though only 1 2000 GT-X is available.

I'm looking for the purple and the blue Mad Mangas

Nissan Titan
Nissan Cube
Nissan Skyline GTR R35
Nissan Kenmeri Skyline GTR

Otherwise, show me your Nissans or Datsuns and maybe we can strike a dealeo.