Target. Oh Target. You unpredictable fox you. Some days I go in and your pegs are months behind. Other days, like today, you’re waaay ahead of schedule. Look, I’m happy to have found what I did, but can we work on our consistency? Please?

Anyways, on to my HAWL!!! So, for those who don’t know, Target is doing a special release of the 2016 B and C cases. The cars for these case will, at Target only, have special winter themed cards with snowflakes on them. This special release also includes two Target only color variations, or “Snowflake Editions”, for the 24 Ours (B case) and the Flight ‘03 (C case). The 24 Ours is pretty cool and is ZAMAC-esque silver with tampos and gold wheels. The Flight ‘03 on the other hand, is kinda lame (my opinion of course). It’s yellow with tampos and white wheels. Maybe it’s not my kind of fantasy car, but oh well.

So I went in to Target tonight and lo and behold they had just restocked with full pegs of Redlines and the Snowflake B and C case mainlines. No Supers were to be found unfortunately, but there was one Tread Air regular Treasure Hunt, which I left behind since I already have it. They also didn’t have any of the Snowflake Edition 24 Ours which I did want, but had a few of the Snowflake Edition Flight ‘03s, which I didn’t want.

What I did grab however, is as follows:

- Redline ‘70 Camaro

- Redline Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (x2)

- ‘63 Chevy II

- Ford GT (x2)

- ‘12 Ford Fiesta

- Nissan Fairlady Z

- Dodge Ram 1500

- ‘52 Hudson Hornet

- ‘90 Acura NSX (possible error)

The Hudson Hornet and NSX were both the standard release of their versions that also have an STH variant. The NSX also has a blotch of white paint on it’s right side A-pillar. At least that’s what it appears to be from what I can see through the blister. Does that count as an error if so? Oh, and here are a few close-ups.

New Ford GT cast in Gulf livery!!!

The highly anticipated widebody Need For Speed / Kaido House edition Nissan Fairly Z!!!

Notice the white splotch at the top. That is on the car. Error?

Also, the Redline Skyline and the Ford GT are NOT up for trade yet. I have a few deals in progress that will get first crack at them. If those don’t end up as part of those trades, then they’ll be fair game.