So I’ve been working hard the last few weeks on probably my most challenging custom yet (not this cast). I think everyone here is going to really like it, TBA at a later date. Something just wasn’t right though, it needed the proper wheels which were donated from this HW Boulevard beetle courtesy of TFritch.

This actually helped in more ways then one as it provided some fun downtime after wrapping up the custom to resurrect this cast. I’ve owned three Cal-Look beetles in my lifetime and they were all great cars for a kid learning about cars. I would go down to the dragstrips in SoCal and regularly see these little giant killers pull wheelies all the way down the strip!

This was nothing more then a wheel swap from a Hare Splitter (keeping it in the family, haha) and some bending of axles. The wheels look right at home on this and actually fit in the wheel wells, something HW never managed to do! I used a paperclip in the last two “action” shots if anyone was curious. Enjoy!