Well...I just got a fancy new mirrorless camera but I still need to learn photography so please excuse my crappy angles, lighting and focus.

If you’ve seen the movie Monster Trucks, you’ve seen their crazy modded trucks. The bad guys in the movie drove several of these Dodge Rams.

The toy looks close to 1/64 and surprisingly they are diecast. The body is designed to pop off of the base.


These are only $2 each but I remember seeing them sell for more when the movie first came out. They were probably marked down since the movie wasn’t a success. It has bad ratings but I always watch a movie regardless of others’ opinions. In my opinion, it’s a cute family-friendly movie.

I might try to go find the other trucks from the movie. Although they are modded to the extreme, I like them because they are based on real vehicles. Bought this one at TRU.

I need to find a good base for it