My last 1/43 2002 for today, and the one you’d least like to see in the mirror circa 1972.

I’m sure there will be more ‘02s added to the collection, however... I can’t help it, my habit is to accumulate casts of 1:1s I have.

For the time being, the little cars on my desk will be as close as I get to driving my Granada Rot ‘68 , because it’s as much of a project as Jobjoris’ lovely Touring is! I did pick up some bits this week to help facilitate working on it though, I’ve got to build a little dolly from a set of old subframes to enable rolling the car around the garage while the suspension is off. I need to put the cylinder head together, go through the 5-speed, weld up a camber adjustment kit to the rear subframe, and on and on and on... That’ll be years in the future though, so far off in fact that I’ve loaned R32Rennsport my Weber 45DCOEs for his awesome Volvo 122S.

The model is in 1/43 by IXO, in the famous Polizei livery that we all love. It’s the second best ‘02 model in my collection, behind the Minichamps Hans Stuck ‘Ring car, though I think this one got the rear end better.

The kidneys are oddly pinched a bit at the bottom.
An unfortunate reflection in the bumper, dang Post It notes.
Heated rear window, kind of a rare option.
Come on, Farva! Same team!! Same team!!
Must be jealous that my Lancia is closer to being on the road than the 68...

Now, if only I had a set of these to fit to mine... look closely, Joep ;)

It’s been a great run of Tuesdays for the Blau mit Weiss’ little Flüsternde Bombe and other classics, thanks to everyone else who brought theirs out!