Hello and sorry, my Teutonic Tuesday turned into Thursday... But a lot of work and a nasty cold meant I didn’t get my shots done in Time.

But I wanted to show the Tomica Premium VW DoKa. As you may well know, “DoKa” is short for “Doppel Kabine” or Dual Cab. This model is #9 in the Tomica Premium range. The Premium range so far hasn’t completely live up to its name, with a few models falling short of that title.

But this one is a winner for me, which is a bit surprising as I wasn’t all that happy with the VW Samba Bus from the same Tomica Premium range. But this one seems a lot better executed, the details are sharper and overall presentation improved over the bus.

And the DoKa hasn’t been made by every diecast company, unlike the bus, so it is a welcome addition to the collection. The only real criticism I have are the darkened window. They look wrong for the period and obstruct the view of the interior - which I presume is the point. If you wanted to see the interior, you’d have to drill the model open. I don’t think there would be much to be seen, though.

As you can see from the photos, the bus and pick-up are completely different castings - the pick-up depicting a slightly later model with larger tail lights.

So if you only want one of these, the DoKa is the model of choice here. I hope the Tomica Premium line-up is slowly finding its groove, the start up models seemed quite patchy in terms of quality and value. This is a bit more like it.