1963. Porsche had just pulled out of the F1 circuit in order to focus on sports car racing. To replace the aging 718, itself a continuation of the famed 550 Spyder, they came up with the 904, AKA the Carrera GTS due to legal issues with Peugeot concerning the 90x naming scheme. Naturally they had to homologate the car, so by 1964 they had street legal ones like this up for grabs.

Today, I bring to you this 1/18 version of the 1964 road car by Minichamps. Finished in Indischrot, or Gaurds Red, this model has a fairly high amount of detail, considering how simple the 1:1 car is. I’m trying out a new photo location, so hopefully these details are visible! (let me know if I should get back in the tub?)

Lights and their lenses are decent quality. the HUGE headlights are going to be hard to make perfect copies of the real thing, so I can forgive the visible mounting points there. The turn lights and tail lights are of exceptional detail, again, especially considering the simplicity of these parts in real life. The tailpipes could have been moulded a little more accurately, but this being an older model, I can forgive this.

I absolutely love the rear decklids vent, combined with the huge expanse of red paint and the delicate golden badges on the rear, this is easily my favorite view of the car.

Not to mention that the whole clamshell precariously balances it’s way backwards to reveal the motor and subframe. Everything that should open on this car does, and feel solidly mounted as it opens and closes without rattles or grinding. I’m also loving the steel race wheels.

Under the massive red clamshell, we find a great replica of the 1,966cc four cylinder motor designed by Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann to replace the VW-based 356 motor in the racing platforms. Let’s take a closer look?

The twin choke Weber carbs look fantastic, as do all the ancillaries hidden in there. Major points to Minichamps for the detail work. Notice the intricate hinge system to keep the clamshell from flailing around. Good cross-ply tires too!

The interior, as you can already tell from the flocking on the seats, is as complete as can be in this stripped-out race car in disguise. The gauges are clear and legible even without the camera zoom, the wheel looks great and detailed with a beautiful Porsche emblem on it, same with the shifter and pedal assembly, and all seem to come from very accurate moulds.

Under the front hood we find the massive fuel tank and spare tire. A separate line runs to the fuel tank and this one detail goes a long way to make this simple space feel just as high-quality as the rest of the model.

All in all this is a very nice model of a very cool car. Some less-awesome attributes are the headlights, as previously mentioned, and the general condition of this particular example. Mine is a second hand one, and shows it on some minor spots, but all around this one is in a very nice condition, and sits proudly in my collection!