Remember this? Well, here it is again.

It’s the Porsche Cayman GT4 by Minichamps Schuco. I say that because this model pretty much looks and feels like a Minichamps, in both good and bad ways. They use pretty much the same formula: nail the proportions, cheap out with the printed badges and solid grilles, and overcharge with the prices. Okay, fine. It’s a tad better. Luckily, this was on sale at CK for about $80, so it’s still well worth it.

It’s a must-have for the 98.1% (see what I did there?) of you here who are Porsche fans. Furthermore, it’s a diecast model, so there’s no excuse for all the plastic haters. The car looks amazing, simply put. The wheels are what really make this Cayman stand out, in my opinion. I ultimately chose this Schuco over stiff competition from GT Spirit because I wanted yellow more than any of the other available colors. Also, overexposure for the win.

The model has a very solid feel, with a weight that I haven’t felt from a 1/18 piece in ages. I half-expected the supports on the wing to break off when I pulled on it to open the hatch, but they stayed firm and held on. The steering has nice range, allowing for some extra posing and glamour shots. Interior looks pretty damn good, with sharp printing, seat belts, and some fuzz for carpeting. As for cons, there are a few rough edges from the plastic door handles and side vents, but nothing major.