The BMW M5 (E60), by Kyosho.

After more than a year of searching, I’ve finally found one at the right price. Best ///M color to boot.

What surprised me was the popularity of this model. Every auction I’ve come across has resulted in some intense bidding wars that typically end at over $150, which is more than most of Kyosho’s other BMW castings. Luckily I grabbed this one off a OBO for just $100, and while it isn’t the steal that SN210's was, it’s a better color than his ugly blue one anyway. Back to the point: the E60 is easily the ugliest M5 ever. I like the Bangle butt, but the round front end is this car’s pitfall. But when has ugly stopped you from buying diecast?

The model has quite a few rough edges and inconsistencies, but for the most part it looks about right. Kyosho, despite its strong reputation in the 1/64 department, is so hit-and-miss with the wheel sizing and ride height of its 1/18 models. I’m glad to say that the E60 has avoided such issues, so it gets the thumbs up from me. It’s also the only 4-door option at this scale, but for wagon lovers, there’s always the Otto.